Make an impact! Write the book that makes a positive difference in the world.
— Thais Derich

I’m looking for influencers whose ideas and actions are making positive change in the world. Do you have a superpower? I want your voice to reach a bigger audience through your book. We need you! Are you ready to wear the cape? The tribe you’re entering is changing the world. Write your book with people who want to make a positive impact!

You’re going to write the book that changes the world because

  • You are a person whose ideas and actions are already making positive change in the world.
  • You want to increase your impact with a book! You know it’s the next leap you need to take.
  • You are in business because you want to make an impact.
  • You love what you do and feel passionate about the work you’re doing.
  • You’re here on earth to make a difference!

Option 1


The full program is options 2-4 combined plus a ton of bonuses included in one awesome program with the main goal of writing an amazing book that's going to Make an Impact! Meant for people ready to commit to writing their entire book in a quick sprint. You will need to scale back on other things to make writing a priority for this span of time. When you work with me, we're partners for life!


You’ll leave the program with a completed book! How will we get there? Through intensive one-on-one work with me and group writing sessions!  Your completed book helps you reach more people. It helps you spread your special talent. It sets you up as an expert. It changes the world! 

You can put your book up on your website, sell it at your speaking engagements, on your podcast, give it to your clients to further their learning and improve your reach, or shop to agents and publishers. You’ll get unlimited support by me. Let's do this! At the end of the program you’ll have an exit interview to discuss the best placement for you book: self-publish, agent, small press, hybrid press, or the big 5 publishers.

What you need to do

You need to commitment to the word-count goals (approximately 11 days a month for 2 hrs. a time), one-day private retreat with me, three-hour outlining meeting (can be online), one-day group retreat with the other thought-leaders in this year’s program (rising tides raises all boats), and a public-reading event with friends and family to celebrate your accomplishment at the end! The three in-person commitments are in the San Francisco Bay Area (or four if you come in for the "Outline Your Impact"). Easy in-and-out flights through SFO and OAK plus lodging recommendations.

the work

My signature “Write Your Impact” methodology includes:

  • Day-long 1:1 session ("See Your Impact")
  • Outlining intensive ("Outline Your Impact")
  • We use storytelling strategies to arc your book into a captivating read.
  • Weekly scheduled writing time ("Commit to Your Impact")
  • Customized schedule and word count to write your book
  • Unlimited support and feedback
  • Group retreat
  • Professional developmental edit
  • Professional copy edit
  • Book formatted for print
  • Completed book 
  • Closing reading and farewell celebration

important dates

  • August, September 2018 – Schedule 1:1 Kickoff Day Retreat in Mill Valley, CA and follow-up 3-hour Outlining Session
  • Oct 1 - Writing Sessions begins

  • Fri. October 26, 2018 – Group Training Retreat in Mill Valley, CA

  • TBD, 2019 – Write Your Impact Live evening reading event in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

  • TBD, 2019 – Celebratory Breakfast (morning)

Apply to WRITE YOUR IMPACT? Space is limited. Send me a note below. 

Option 2


One day-long 1:1 retreat with me. Big Picture Book Concept Development as it relates to your impact in the world and your authentic being (scheduled individually in San Francisco Bay Area or I’ll travel to your location). I call this the "heart" or "intuitive" work.

Do you have a book in you but you haven’t been able to sit down and get it done? Where do you start? Do you wish someone could give you the steps that you need to complete your book? Do you wish someone could climb into your head and pull out your ideas and put them into a cohesive outline? Experience the "See Your Impact" process and get clear on your purpose! 

Ready to SEE YOUR IMPACT? Send me a note below. 

Option 3


(Prerequisite SEE YOUR IMPACT above)

I take our "See Your Impact" work and we make an outline of your book. I call this our "head" or "thinking" work. This is when the magic happens! 

Once you have your outline, how are you going to find the time in your already busy day? I will develop a daily word count and customize a personal-writing schedule for you to follow! 

You'll leave with an outline to guide your writing process, a customized word count, and a writing strategy to implement your outline and complete your project.

Ready to OUTLINE YOUR IMPACT? Send me a note below. 

Option 4



  • Write in a group with other influencers and myself twice a week, 2-hour meeting blocks, for nine months.
  • Accountability check-ins. 
  • No distraction writing time.
  • Word count goals.
  • Receive “craft of writing” laser coaching during meetings.
  • Access to private, break-out, check-in sessions with writing coach during meetings.
  • Invitation to join the larger Write Your Impact Facebook group to build community with other like minded influencers.

Ready to COMMIT TO YOUR IMPACT? Send me a note below.


Contact me for a free 10-minute phone call to discuss your project.

Writing is a long and big project with lots of steps. It can get overwhelming and I'd like to support you through the process. You will find clarity and focus. Sometimes we get bogged down in our own thoughts. You will have time to ask your burning questions and receive writerly advice to sooth your worries and answer those questions that keep coming up over and over in your mind. You can email me anytime during our work together and when we aren't actively working together, you will always be a part of a writing community that I moderate. I'm here to support you! 


Thais’s writing program challenges us to be creative and find our voice. Highly recommended!
— Melinda N.
Thank you so much, Thais, for such attention to detail with me on my writing. I absolutely loved writer’s workshop, and, in particular, you! I was already a writer, but became more confident in my writing and speaking to audiences because of you! Thank you!
— Kaitlyn O.
Thais is an inspiring coach who brings publishing and writing skills together in a rewarding blend.
— Lucie C.
Thank you for your amazing work with my writing this year. I look forward to signing up again next year.
— Lynn S.