Want to submit to The Sun magazine's Readers Write column? Mary Allison Tierney, one of the founders of Write On Mamas, will share her experience being published in The Sun and mentor us through our own submission. Take the leap in this supportive Hivery writing group!

We meet three times to write to The Sun's submission guidelines with the support and professional feedback of moderators.

Read what you wrote to the group; pass your piece to another writer in the room for immediate positive reactions; print your work on the spot. On the third gathering we will submit your story on the spot!

Take a leap. Open the flood gates!

Positive Feedback Policy

The Hivery has a kindness policy on peer edits and comments, which is based on positive reinforcement. The Hivery provides a safe place to write in confidence and confidentiality. All Hivery writing workshops are for loving encouragement and support. What one person doesn't like, someone else may like, so we only say what we like. If we offer what works in a piece, the writer will work towards creating more of what's working, and in doing so their writing will grow stronger.

Confidentiality Policy

We have the “What happens in Submission Slam stays in Submission Slam” privacy policy. We do not talk about the writer's personal story outside of the workshop without permission by the writer.

Come to The Hivery in Mill Valley and pay at the door.