Local author, Thais Derich, tells her personal story about her journey from an unwanted cesarean to a homebirth. Come sit in on this special event to hear a reading, ask questions of the author and purchase your own copy of the book!  Sign Up

The Event Details

Traumatized by an unwanted cesarean, Thais Derich begins the long journey of learning to trust her instinct and building the courage to go against societal norms and give birth to her second child the way she always wanted to: naturally.

On the joyful day of her son’s birth, Derich never questioned going to the hospital. A week later, she walked out physically, spiritually, and emotionally injured, and fully disabused of the idea that the medical field would ever put her best interests before protocol, money, and legal concerns. The next three years of her life were spent recovering from that day, and preparing herself to do things her way when she became pregnant again. And then she did get pregnant again—and that resolve was put to the test. A universal story about betrayal and trust and the roller coaster ride in between, Second Chance illuminates the many ways in which our healthcare system is broken when it comes to helping women give birth, and gives a voice to all the mothers who have walked away from their delivery experiences wondering what the hell just happened.

Refreshments and nibbles will be provided!

You can help!

  • Purchase a copy of "Second Chance" at Natural Resources to support the store and the author!
  • Purchase a second book and the author will deliver to your choice of one of these three causes: Homeless Prenatal, Bay Area Homebirth Collective, and the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

Please note: Space is limited so if you can leave a child at home to make room for those that absolutely cannot that would be helpful!