Make an impact! Write the book that makes a positive difference in the world.
— Thais Derich

I’m looking for influencers whose ideas and actions are making positive change in the world. Do you have a superpower? I want your voice to reach a bigger audience through your book. We need you! Are you ready to wear the cape? The tribe you’re entering is changing the world. Join people who are making a positive impact in the world through their writing and other avenues!

I am very grateful for your insights! Your guidance was precious for my own clarity and for my business. I’ll be launching a new program next week that I hadn’t quite developed when we did the exercise.

Your mind-map methodology is helping me find the right angle for my bio in this new application.

With gratitude,

Dr. Amore

You’re going to write the book that changes the world because

  • You are a person whose ideas and actions are already making positive change in the world.
  • You want to increase your impact with a book! You know it’s the next leap you need to take.
  • You are in business because you want to make an impact.
  • You love what you do and feel passionate about the work you’re doing.
  • You’re here on earth to make a difference!

My main goal when we work together is for you to have an amazing book that's going to Make an Impact! 

Meant for people ready to commit to writing their entire book. When you work with me, we're partners in an effort to complete a project that may seem impossible, but I know it's not because I've done it! I can get you from here to there. 


You’ll leave the program with a completed book! How will we get there? Through intensive one-on-one work with me, dedication to your word count, making our meetings a priority during this time in your life, and an individual burning desire to finish your book.  Your completed book helps you reach more people. It helps you spread your special talent. It sets you up as an expert. A book adds value to your interactions with the world because people can leave with your book and learn more about your ideas! 

You can put your book up on your website, sell it at your speaking engagements, on your podcast, give it to your clients to further their learning and improve your reach, or shop to agents and publishers. Let's do this! At the end of the program you’ll hold your book in your hands. From there, we'll have an exit interview to discuss the best placement for you book: self-publish, agent, small press, hybrid press, or the big 5 publishers.

What you need to do

You need to commitment to... 

  • word-count goals (approximately 11 days a month for 2 hrs. a time),
  • one-day private retreat with me in Mill Valley, CA
  • a minimum of weekly one-on-one calls 
  • the work however it presents itself for you


Let's talk on the phone. After I get to know you and your project, if you would like to move to the next step, I'll send you an individualize proposal on what our work would look like together and the cost.

Contact me for a free phone call to discuss your project.

Writing is a long and big project with lots of steps. It can get overwhelming and I'd like to support you through the process. You will find clarity and focus. Sometimes we get bogged down in our own thoughts. You will have time to ask your burning questions and receive writerly advice to sooth your worries and answer those questions that keep coming up over and over in your mind. You can email me anytime during our work together and when we aren't actively working together, you will always be a part of a writing community. I'm here to support you! 

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Thais’s writing program challenges us to be creative and find our voice. Highly recommended!
— Melinda N.
Thank you so much, Thais, for such attention to detail with me on my writing. I absolutely loved writer’s workshop, and, in particular, you! I was already a writer, but became more confident in my writing and speaking to audiences because of you! Thank you!
— Kaitlyn O.
Thais is an inspiring coach who brings publishing and writing skills together in a rewarding blend.
— Lucie C.
Thank you for your amazing work with my writing this year. I look forward to signing up again next year.
— Lynn S.