From the Natural Mumma blogI’m delighted to welcome the inspirational author and activist Thais Nye Derich to the site. Thais’s new memoir Second Chance: A Mother’s Quest for a Natural Birth after a Cesarean  offers an honest and encouraging look at vaginal birth after c-section. Thais’ work really resounds with me because it is all about listening to your instincts. Through her wonderful blog and her upcoming book, she informs and inspires women, helping them to feel in control during childbirth. Here she talks about the delivery of her first child, and how childbirth can be a journey of self-discovery. 


“Your life will never be the same after kids.” I heard this at least once while I was pregnant with my first child. There’s always one brave person willing to stick their neck out and speak this cliché. What I didn’t realize was that my life would change the most not because of the child but because of the birth. Continue reading here.