I've noticed that when I tell my birth stories, I hear birth stories in return. It's this powerful exchange of solidarity and respect for the responsibility of childbirth. Here's Elaine's story:

This is the first time I have shared my birth experience.

I'm the eldest of eight, so I saw my mom have babies...no big deal. My experience was different, my labor began a 6am. At 4:30 pm the the doctor told be that there is a shift change a 5 pm, so unless I had a c-section, I would a new doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist...my son was born at 4:53 pm! I didn't have strong feelings about c-sections until I had one. The feelings of inadequacy, pain, and postpartum depression are awful. I truly felt beat up, and I had a beautiful baby, so I couldn't say anything without feeling ungrateful.

Fast forward four years. We want a second child. I had a girlfriend that had a home birth in 1988, so I knew it was possible. I wasn't quite as strong as her to have a home birth. At the hospital, I insisted a vaginal birth (VBAC).

There is no comparison in the two events! Yes, it was a long labor, it was wet and messy and I pushed for 3 hours, but there is no comparison to how I felt when I left the hospital.

Thank you for sharing your story, my best to you and your family. - Elaine S.