If we're lucky there's a time in our lives when the injustices become as clear as water in a glass cup. We may have to suffer before we can see through the glass to the other side. When we heal from our suffering and can see the truth, the picture is as sharp as a digital photo on a hot day. Now we have the opportunity to make those injustices right and move society to a better place.

There are injustices in the birth room, I experienced some of those. I suffered, and I saw them as not only my own but as a societal problem. Now I have the opportunity to make things better. 


So powerful! I haven’t thought about childbirth in so long, but it really hit home that it took me three births to get it right.
— CS
Mom, that was powerful and strong!
— Thais's son
I keep thinking about how radiant you were the other night. I was continually struck by what a gift you are to your family, to your friends, and to women.
— CZ
Thais, you told a beautiful truth last night and your delivery was soothing yet gripping. I love the message to lift each other up - especially women to birth decision making positions. Thanks for sharing your truest feelings with your community and the world at large and caring about something so incredible. I’ll be thinking about your message for a long time.
— SC
You were amazing last night! So proud of you!
— AG
You were really great last night-a real voice for all that is happening today-politics, health care & women’s rights!
— TD