Oddly, in a book meant to reach out to me as a pregnant woman; the most memorable part for me was this small excerpt about what it means for me to be a mother. What a great way to explain what I did today: I loved.

The Eastern woman's mind is such that many are completely satisfied with being Mothers. It's as if in the West we forget to valorize "love." What did we do today? "We 'loved', nourished and directed our children." From inside you can see what an accomplishment that really is. To love is to be near what is "real" in our life experience. Western minds want to see a materialization of what has been done but if we watch from our heart we can see that loving has been done but gone unattached and returned to the source: the infinite. Om.

-Letter to Nan, (author) April 4, 1983 from Radha Malasquez, Varanasi, India