"Overall, 13% (of pregnant women with a prior cesarean) had a trial of labor," reported Dr. Salmeen.

What's a trial of labor? In other words, your doctor allows you to try a normal birth rather than preemptively scheduling you for a repeat cesarean.

67% overall of those very few even allowed to try to give birth naturally were successful (doesn't include the successful vaginal births after a cesarean at home like mine).

Dr. Salmeen goes on to say "For hospitals that have policies against a trial of labor, or that are prohibitive in terms of a trial of labor, one category that can be viewed very differently is that of women with a history of previous vaginal birth."

In some select groups where vaginal births happened in the past the success rate for a vaginal birth after a cesarean was 90%!

Trial of labor after C-section uncommon, but often successful : OBGYN News